Greek PPC is seeking renewable energy investments in Turkey – including geothermal

Drilling rig on site in Manisa, Turkey (source: Sanko Enerji) - picture not related to story
Alexander Richter 9 Feb 2018

Greek Public Power Corp. (PPC) is looking into investments in Turkey's energy market, including geothermal, in efforts to diversify its assets.

The Public Power Corp. (PPC) of Greece is looking at investments in Turkey, according to the company’s Chairman Manolis Panagiotakis in an interview with Turkish news agency Anadolu.

As part of efforts to reduce its market share in the retail market in Greece due to bailout terms with the EU, the company is diversifying its asset. The company is now looking at investments in Turkey and the Balkan region. The company has hired an international consultancy company that is now working on a strategy for the Turkish energy market.

The company is looking at investments in the wind, small hydroelectric projects, as well as a participation in geothermal investment in Cappadocia,  according to Manolis Panagiotakis

The company is already active in Turkey through PPC Elektrik, a subsidiary company established in 2014 and has won a bid in a tender for a coal power station in Turkey’s Eskisehir with Chinese company Shenhua.

Source: Daily Sabah