HR Walibeam geothermal project in Belgium has secured funding of EUR3.7million

Grand Place, Mons, Belgium (source: flickr/ elchicogris, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 25 Jul 2018

The HR Walibeam geothermal project by Mons Geothermia in Belgium, has received funding of EUR 3.7 million ($4.3 million) as part of an alternative financing program of the Walloon Investment Plan by the government of Walloon in Beligum.

Already in late May this year, the Wallonian geothermal project in Mons, Belgium has received funding of EUR 3.7 million ($4.3 million) as part of the SOWAFINAL 3 alternative financing program of the Walloon Investment Plan by the government of the Belgium region of Walloon.

Carlo Di Antonio (cdH) Walloon Minister for Spatial Planning, Environment and Economic Activity Zones, and Pierre-Yves Jeholet (MR), Vice President and Minister of Economy, unveiled the projects selected under the alternative financing program SOWAFINAL 3 of the Walloon Investment Plan.

This selection, made by the Walloon government, represents an overall investment of EUR 330 million. Finally, 141 structuring projects for the economic redeployment of Wallonia were selected. Some relate directly to the region of Mons-Borinage since several projects developed on our municipalities will be granted a financial boost.


In the area of economic activities, four local projects have received the attention of the government. All are supported by the intermunicipal economic development IDEA. Among them is the project HR Walibeam project by Mons Geothermia whose amount is estimated at EUR 4,597,135 and whose subsidy amounts to EUR 3,738,819.

The project is likely an extension of the existing geothermal heating project we reported on in February 2018.