Hungarian CAPES becomes MW sponsor for 4th IGC Turkey geothermal congress, 6-8 Nov. 2019

World Bank workshop at IGC Turkey 2017, Izmir (Source: IGC Turkey)
Alexander Richter 14 Aug 2019

Hungarian Cluster of Applied Sciences (CAPES) joins the 4th IGC Turkey Geothermal Congress & Exhibition in Izmir/ Turkey as MW sponsor. This key geothermal conference in the heart of Turkey's geothermal energy sector in Izmir Turkey, will take place 6-8 November 2019 at the Kaya Izmir Thermal Hotel

Hungarian Cluster of Applied Sciences (CAPES) will join the 4th IGC Turkey Geothermal Congress & Exhibition in Izmir/ Turkey.

This key geothermal conference in the heart of Turkey’s geothermal energy sector in Izmir Turkey, will take place 6-8 November 2019 at the Kaya Izmir Thermal Hotel

The two-day IGC Turkey event will again bring together financiers, license owners, project developers, operators, suppliers, engineers, scientists, other authorities of the municipalities and industry. The event will shed light on topics such as geothermal projects, network tariffs, financing models, scaling effects, cost reduction potentials, environmental impacts and expectations for the development of heat and electricity generation facilities through workshops, congresses and fairs.

The Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences (CAPES)

CAPES has 25 members, consisting of 6 universities and 19 SMEs. They perform their knowledge, research and development activities in a disciplined manner. CAPES member companies have considerable experience in researching uranium ore in Hungary, contributing to all stages of mining and grinding. CAPES plans and manages uranium exploration projects to make uranium an ideal resource class. He also advises on technical issues such as mine design, ore production, mine processing and mining site repair. Environmental pollution problems arising from activities related to underground and ground sciences such as extraction of radioactive wastes (LLW / ILW, HLW), hydrocarbon resources, CO2 and storage during geothermal resources exploration, underground coal gas exploration (UCG), garbage dumps, geological wastes it puts civil engineering in a difficult situation and requires strong cooperation between universities, industry and innovative SMEs, together with research and development, equipment and methodological development for improvement – all of which form the core elements of CAPES.


GEOCHEM Ltd. petrophysics laboratory equipped with high technology is a knowledgeable, experienced, innovative and high potential oriented company. The main activity of the company is to conduct research and development in geological fields such as hydrocarbon and raw material research, geothermal energy research, radioactive and hazardous waste management, water research and environmental protection. The main objective of GEOCHEM is to integrate the results of the research into industrial applications. The company primarily focuses on the development of very narrow and usable special instruments and periodical equipment development.

GEOCHEM Ltd’s laboratory is suitable for defining the physical parameters of various materials. First of all, he studies on material core complex and reservoir characterization (porosity, saturation, permeability, absorption capacity, acoustic and electrical properties, grain size and grain shape analysis).


In the last 15 years, Karotázs Ltd. has played an important role in Hungarian drilling practice, geophysical well assessment and measurement information applications. In addition to daily routine work, the company has developed new measuring equipment and measurement techniques. R & D activities are actively implemented within the company. Developed products can be purchased from Karotázs Ltd. In case of special needs, Karotázs has the capacity to carry out customized works besides the products they have developed to solve various problems. In recent years, the company’s employees have gained great experience in underground exploration, using tools produced by the former ELGI (Loránd Eötvös Geophysical Institute). The field of activity of the company is geophysical well and drilling assessment, applied geophysical and well tests.

Karotázs Ltd. conducts geophysical drilling assessment for structures, condition assessment, dynamic well testing, drilling assessment, drilling wells for mineralogical purposes, geological survey, environmental protection measurements. The special isotope holding box for neutron activation measurements, the energy selective detection measurement system on gamma radiation and the computer-aided surface recording system are some of the R & D activities of Karotázs.

Source: our Turkish-language news service Jeotermalhaberler