Iceland’s Landvirkjun starts operation of 45 MW unit at Theistareykir

Unit 1 and 2 of the Theistareykir geothermal power plant, Iceland (source: Mannvit)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 17 Nov 2017

Iceland's national power company Landsvirkjun has started operation of the first 45 unit of its new Theistareykir geothermal power plant.

Reported today in Icelandic news, the national power company of Iceland, Landsvirkjun has officially started operation of its first unit of the new Theistareykir geothermal power plant in the North of Iceland.

The first unit has a capacity of 45 MW and a second unit will add an additional 45 MW early next year. The turbine for Unit 1 and the turbine for unit 2 have been provided by Fuji Electric. This is the third geothermal power plant of Landsvirkjun after the Krafla geothermal plant and the smaller, now to be refurbished, Bjarnarflag plant as well in the North of Iceland.

This brings the total installed geothermal power generation capacity of Iceland to 710 MW.