Indonesia wants to strengthen its role in geothermal research and education

Surya Darma, Agus Hermanto and Rosalind Archer (source: Republika)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 22 Mar 2018

With its great geothermal resources, Indonesia strives to become a center of excellence for geothermal energy, including research and education, according to Vice Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) Agus Hermanto in a meeting with geothermal researcher from New Zealand.

With abundant geothermal sources, Indonesia is very likely to become the world’s center for geothermal research and research currently done in New Zealand could move to the country.

This was revealed when Vice Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) Agus Hermanto received Professor Rosalind Archer, a geothermal expert from New Zealand  in his office in the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta, this week. Agus was accompanied by Indonesian geothermal expert Surya Darma who is the Chairman of Indonesia Renewable Energy Society (METI).

Indonesia has so far cooperated with New Zealand and received the assistance of geothermal researchers from New Zealand. And Archer is one of them. She is a geothermal expert from the University of Auckland.

Archer acknowledged, Indonesia’s geothermal resources are very abundant and could replace fossil energy and coal that will eventually run out. “We already have an MoU with New Zealand to strengthen the single excellence in the geothermal research agency. Geothermal has been developed in Indonesia in cooperation with New Zealand and technical assistance from New Zealand, “said Agus after the meeting in a statement.

Meanwhile, Surya Darma suggests, that in the future students from all over the world could come to Indonesia to learn about geothermal energy. He also questioned, why with the its abundant geothermal resources, Indonesia is not in a more prominent position with regards to reserach.

“So far we know the center of excellence for geothermal is in New Zealand. With Indonesia having the greatest potential in the world, why not represent the center of excellence? “He explained. In the future, Indonesia could play a greater role in geothermal and even become a center for geothermal studies.

Meanwhile, Agus also added, Indonesia at this early stage get help free researchers from New Zealand to see the potential of geothermal in various regions.

Source: Republika