Indonesian geothermal energy conference set to attract experts from around the world

Alan Lucas, scientist working for Auckland based company International Earth Sciences (Photo Courtesy of IESE)
Francisco Rojas 14 Aug 2015

Alan Lucas, scientist working for IESE will be doing a presentation at the third Indonesia International Geothermal Convention and Exhibition.

Alan Lucas is heading to Jakarta for the third Indonesia International Geothermal Convention and Exhibition.

The scientist works for Auckland based company International Earth Sciences (IESE) which specialises in geothermal and micro-seismic analysis.

He is attending the three day conference on behalf of the company where he will make a presentation on its work.

The event will run from August 19-21 and attracts experts in the industry from around the world.

Lucas says ”

He says this includes the sale and installation of seismic testing equipment and the subsequent data analysis.

Lucas says Indonesia, along with Japan and the Philippines, are the major growth markets for geothermal energy in Asia.

“So the trip is about trying to secure new clients and spending face to face time with existing clients.”

Geothermal power is seen as an important future source of energy in Indonesia and is currently the world’s third largest geothermal electricity producer.

The Indonesian government has launched a number of initiatives in a bid to increase the growth of geothermal energy in the country.

But according to the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank it needs to do more to harness the massive untapped reserves it has. In a report released this year titled Unlocking Indonesia’s Geothermal Potential they recommended a number of policy reforms that are needed to fully exploit the expanding industry.

Thoughts shared by Indonesia’s Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (MEMR) Rida Mulyana.

“The rapid increase in fossil-fuel based energy consumption, which is subject to volatility in the world oil market, is the main challenge facing the country’s energy supply,” he says.

“At the same time, growing greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuels imposes costs on the economy and society. Geothermal energy provides one solution to these issues.”

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