Investment coverage on Hot Rock Ltd and Geodynamics Ltd.

Alexander Richter 11 May 2009

A recent "Stock to Watch" piece looks at Hot Rock Ltd. and Geodynamics Ltd. and gives a good overview on both companies.

In recent investment coverage on istockanalyst, two Australian geothermal companies were looked at. Hot Rock Ltd. and Geodynamics Ltd.

The pieces on the companies give a good overview on both companies and their activities, as well as the development of stock price. While the piece on Geodynamics doesn´t seem to take into account the recent troubles at the pilot plant at Habanero, they make interesting reading. They also provide a good overview on the history and raising of finace.

The piece on Geodynamics (ASX:GDY) can be found here.

The piece on Hot Rock (ASX:HRL) can be found here.

Source: Ferret’s Stock to Watch on iStockAnalyst