Job: Associate Professor, Geothermal, University of Nevada, Reno

National Geothermal Academy at the University of Nevada, Reno (source: KTVN)
Francisco Rojas 6 Jan 2015

In a recent post from the University of Nevada, a job application has been announced for Associate Professor and Geothermal Specialist to begin on July 1, 2015.

The University of Nevada Reno invites applications for a tenure-track Associate Professor, Geothermal Specialist to begin on July 1, 2015.

The primary responsibilities of this position will be to develop broad programs in research and education in the field of geothermal energy while serving as Director of the Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy. Research will include innovative approaches to understanding the complexities of fluid flow in the crust and must be focused on Nevada and the surrounding region. The successful candidate will also be expected to contribute to the development of datasets and reports on Nevada’s geothermal resources, including periodic resource assessments.

Education will include teaching courses in geothermal related topics in the Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering (DGSE), supervising graduate students, developing a geothermal curriculum, and administering the National Geothermal Academy. Research and educational efforts will involve multi-departmental and multi-institutional efforts, with scientists from academia, industry, other institutions, and government labs.

The successful candidate will be asked to communicate effectively with the public and community leaders regarding the geothermal resources of Nevada.

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Source: University of Nevada, Reno