Job: Geothermal geologist ACWA Power – 12 month project in Turkey

Geothermal power plant in Turkey (source: JESDER)
Alexander Richter 11 Aug 2017

ACWA Power is seeking to fill the position of a geothermal geologist for a 12 month term for its geothermal exploration and power project in Nevsehir, Turkey.

ACWA Power is seeking for a “Geothermal Geologist (12 Months- Project Termed)” for its Geothermal Exploration & Power plant Project in Nev?ehir.


  • Screening the Consultancy & Service companies to supply geological, geophysical and geochemical activities during the exploration period.
  • Preparing the work schedule of surveys by coordinating with the Geothermal Consultant.
  • Performing / supporting the required permit matters throughout the regulations before site surveys.
  • Routing the site surveys in order to perform their contractual obligations.
  • Analysing of studies performed by the Geothermal Consultant / Subcontractors with respect to the survey results, ask for necessary revisions and preparation executive summary reports to his/her manager.
  • Supporting the decision process of drilling point by making technical assessment.
  • Tracking & updating the action plan for drilling and forecasting the possible risk & problems during drilling.
  • Supporting technically for well permit and land easement process.
  • Follow up the geological layers during and involving the process actively from the entrance and status at reservoir rocks till drilling termination.
  • Supporting the Geothermal Drilling Manager for well test.
  • Leading the after-drilling period by assessing the final reports.
  • Attending seminars, fairs, training program regularly about the industry.
  • Actively operating PC programs & software and making full contribution for new improvements.

*All applications must be in English .

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