KaiShan proud to see its first geothermal heat and power plant operating in Hungary

Turawell geothermal plant opening ceremony, Hungary (source: KaiShan)
Alexander Richter 1 Dec 2017

Chinese ZheJiang KaiShan proudly reports on the grid-connection of its first geothermal power and heat plant delivered and built in Hungary, Europe.

In a short piece on LinkedIn, Tom Wu of  ZheJiang KaiShan Compressor Co., Ltd from China, proudly reports on the formal grid-connection of the Turawell (Geumsan Tura) geothermal power and heat plant by KS Orka in Hungary on November 29, 2017.

This is the first geothermal power project (of the company) in Europe and the first geothermal power station in Hungary.

The project is designed and built entirely in accordance with European standards and has undergone strict inspection and acceptance and has obtained grid-connected licenses.

The produced electricity is imported into the European grid. The project uses a patented “one well” cascade ORC screw expansion power generation technology.

The power station installed 3.35 MW, and at the same time provide 5.233 MW thermal for greenhouses heating.

At present, the construction of other geothermal power plants by KaiShan overseas is progressing smoothly.

As overseas geothermal power plants are put into operation one after another, the transition from geothermal power to geothermal new energy operators and geothermal power generation equipment providers has made marked progress.

In a statement on Facebook, Árni Magnússon of Icelandic engineering group Mannvit talked about the large role of the company in the development of the project, among others the designing of the geothermal system.

The post also shows additional pictures of the plant, see link below.

Source: ZheJiang KaiShan via LinkedIn