Lahendong and Flores projects add 25 MW capacity in Indonesia

22 Nov 2011

Picture: Berlin geothermal power plant of La Geo in El Salvador (source: Enex)

EU Commission provides $133m finance support to Latin America, with $17m for geothermal development facility

Reported earlier this month, “Two Indonesian geothermal power plants are coming on stream with a total capacity of 25 megawatts, an official of the state electricity company PLN said.

The fourth unit of PLTP Lahendong in North Sulawesi with a capacity of 20 MW is already on trial operation and PLTP Ulumbu in Flores with a capacity of 5 MW is to come on line next month.

The two power plants will bring the total capacity of the country’s geothermal power plants to 1,205 MW, said Mochammad Sofyam head of renewable energy.

PLTP Lahendong, which is jointly owned by PLN and Pertamina Geothermal Enegry (PGE) is already connected to the PLN’s system.

PLN will buy power from PGE at a price of 4.3 US. Cents per kWh, Sofyan said.”

Source: Utility Products