Lease sale for five geothermal parcels in Nevada, 26 Oct. 2017

Project work on site, Nevada (source: Wilco Energy)
Alexander Richter 1 Jul 2017

The Bureau of Land Management in Elko District in Nevada has announced the date for a competitive geothermal lease sale for up to five geothermal parcels to be held October 26, 2017.

As part of an announcement for the public review of Environmental Assessments done for five geothermal parcels, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Elko District in Nevada has released the date for a Geothermal Lease Sale to be held October 26, 2017.

BLM has made available for public review an Environmental Assessment (EA) for parcels of public land nominated for lease in the 2017 Competitive Geothermal Lease Sale. These parcels have the potential for future geothermal exploration and development. The 15-day public review period concludes July 15, 2017.

The BLM is considering offering up to 5 parcels, comprising about 12,615.28 acres of land in northeastern Nevada within the area administered by the EDO, in a competitive Geothermal Lease Sale to be held in October, 2017. These nominated parcels amount to approximately 0.1 percent of public lands in the EDO.

The Competitive Geothermal Lease Sale will be conducted on October 26, 2017. Additional information about the sale will be available late July 2017 after comments are received on this EA.

The EA is posted for public review on the NEPA Register project website at:

If you have issues or concerns or need more information, contact Tom Schmidt, Project Lead at the BLM Elko District, at (775) 753-0200 or email at

Source: BLM