Likely new geothermal heat and power project planned in Andalucia, Spain

Ronda, Andalucia, Spain (Source: Flickr, CC, By: Phillip Capper)
Francisco Rojas Francisco Rojas 18 Jun 2015

There are 2 phases for the project, the first would have 5 MWt, which will be then expanded between the 2nd or 3rd year to 8MWt and 3 MW electric.

Spanish news uncover a new geothermal project in the south of the Iberian peninsula. This has some relevance since it would be the first geothermal power plant project in Spain that will nourish power and heat to nearby greenhouses from Cardial Alternative Resources and lead to an increase in the competitiveness of the local agro-industry.

There are 3 main players in the greenhouse produce industry in Europe (Almería, Morocco and the Netherlands) and when winter and temperatures drop, so do yields. By investing in a renewable source of power and heat, the industry can operate at low cost year around, reaping a huge advantage. The project seems to have run into several delays, due to licensing and administrative barriers, but now, funding has been secured and “Cardial partners will meet with José María Asensio, General Director of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Andalusian Government. If the meeting is successful, field work will start in just 2 weeks and if all goes smoothly and pending a unified environmental authorization, the plant could be operting within one year”.

The plant has been planed in two stages, the first would be thermal and then move to electrical generation. According to the same source and to an engineers involved on the project, these would be several small plants dotted around specific areas and “the first plant would have 5 MWt (Thermal), which will be then expanded between the second and third year to 8MWt and 3 MW electric.”

We will follow up as soon as details for this project emerge.

Source: Diario de Almeria