Local Governor urges start of geothermal development in Aceh

Ulu Masen forest, Aceh, Indonesia (source: flickr/DFID, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 24 Jun 2015

A better electricity supply will foster investments, create jobs and provide better standards of living for locals.

Indonesia is trying to expand its energy supply and is in dire need to develop new projects swiftly. Along these lines, the Aceh governor has asked the representative of the German Development Bank (KfW) at a recent meeting to accelerate the development of geothermal projects.

The Indonesian region is currently being hindered by their lack of access to electricity to foster economic growth and development. In order to bring investment to the area, a better and more consistent electricity supply needs to be in place.

According to the local news, the German Government has provided funding for geothermal exploration in the region and said that Pertamina and PDPA are currently planning to build a geothermal power plant in the area.

Source: Serambi Indonesia