Mapping Geothermal in Latin America Today – GEOLAC, ThinkGeoEnergy

GEOLAC regional geothermal overview in a map for Latin America & the Caribbean (source: New Energy Events)
Alexander Richter 15 Jul 2019

As part of ThinkGeoEnergy collaboration with New Energy Events ahead of the GEOLAC, geothermal conference for Latin America and the Caribbean, we share this geothermal overview on the region in a map.

One talks a lot about the potential for geothermal in Latin America and the Caribbean, but what’s our baseline and where are we today? Warming up for the 6th Geothermal Congress for Latin America & the Caribbean on July 17-18 in Santiago, Chile, New Energy Events collaborated with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and ThinkGeoEnergy to show the current installed geothermal capacity in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our map highlights the geographical diversity of existing projects – but also underscores the gap between reality and potential.

Interested in a deeper dive into the research? The IDB will present a full report, organized by country and including policy recommendations, at GEOLAC this week. There is still time to register for the region’s only gathering of the geothermal market.

Source: New Energy Events