Mineral and geothermal concession awarded to spa company Aqua Vivae, Croatia

Thermal bath at Krapinske Toplice, Croatia (source: Aqua Vivae)
Alexander Richter 20 Sep 2019

The Croatian government has awarded a 30-year concession to spa company Aqua Vivae for its geothermal spa complex in Krapinkse Toplice, Croatia.

As reported by RenewablesNow, the government of Croatia has awarded a 30-year concession for the use of mineral and geothermal waters to local company Aquae Vivae for a project in Pucka Kupelj.

The company is planning to add additional health, balneotherapy, sports and recreational tourist services to its hotel and spa complex in the Krapinske Toplice village in the North of Croatia.

Based on the decision, signing of a concession contract is expected promptly.

Further details via link below.

Source: RenewablesNow