New efforts launched to ensure geothermal development at the Salton Sea, California

Geothermal facility at the Salton Sea, California (source: flickr/ Aquafornia, creative commons)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 7 Sep 2017

Lawmakers in California are pushing for new plans that would combine funding for dust-control and habitat restoration projects at the Salton Sea, while ensuring further geothermal development.

Reported locally, legislators in the state of California have announced  plans to provide up to $280 million for dust-control and habitat restoration projects at the Salton Sea, as part of a bond measures put to a vote next year.

With these efforts aimed at controlling dust and building wetlands, California also aims to support the development of more geothermal projects near the south shore of the Salton Sea, so the Desert Sun.

The Salton Sea area currently features 11 geothermal power plants and the plans proposed now would require canals and ponds to be built in a way that access to new geothermal plants can be secured.

“Equally important as illustrating the challenges is highlighting the extreme economic and renewable energy potential of this region,” Garcia said in a statement. “The area surrounding the Salton Sea is ripe with renewable energy opportunities, the vast expanse of open land lends itself perfectly for geothermal. We must remain innovative and leverage all available resources to support these economic drivers.”

Source: Desert Sun