New geothermal district heating system started operation in Slovakia

Kosice, Slovakia (source: flickr/ Ben Bawden, creative commons)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 28 May 2017

A new geothermal district heating system has started operation in the country of Slovakia, making it the fourth such system in the country.

As reported locally, a new geothermal district heating system has been inaugurated in Ve?ky Meder (Trnava Region) in Slovakia. The city is the fourth in the country that is utilising geothermal energy for public heating.

The project drilled a 2,450-metre deep well producing water at a temperature of 93 degrees Celsius. The plant is providing heat for 1,300 households, a school, a kindergarten and a culture centre in the town.

The opening ceremony was attended by the country’s Minister for the Environment, László Sólymos (Most-Híd) and the mayor of Ve?ký Meder’s, Samuel Lojkovi? and the Ambassador of Slovenia to Slovakia, Bernarda Gradišnik.

“As environment minister I am extremely pleased to see a project that combines the use of natural energy for heating and at the same time something that does not burden our environment,” said Sólymos as cited by the TASR newswire. “When we add energy efficiency to that we can see a unique combination, that other towns in Slovakia will envy, in Ve?ký Meder as of today.”

In a further statement, the Minister states that Slovakia does not sufficiently use its natural wealth in a modern and ecological way.

Source: The Slovak Spectator