New geothermal sea bath to open in Húsavík in the North of Iceland this year

Geothermal Seabath, Húsavík, Iceland (source: Basalt Architects)
Alexander Richter 12 Feb 2018

A new unique geothermal seabath is expected to open this June in Húsavík in the North of Iceland, adding another fantastic geothermal bath to the country.

Iceland is known for its geothermal springs and baths, last but not least for its Blue Lagoon. What people often under estimate are the natural hot spots around the country and other geothermal baths.

In June this year, a new geothermal bath will open in Húsavík, in the North of Iceland. There you will be able to soak in geothermal seawater overlooking the whale watching areas of Skjálfandi bay. GeoSea is opening a 500 square meter nature bath area.

Located on Cape Húsavík, the view from the new geothermal sea baths will be stunning, to say the least. Overlooking the North Atlantic, guests will be able to watch the fauna and flora of the area as they relax in the mineral-rich water.

The most common visitors in the bay include the famous humpback whale, minke whale, as well as the puffin! The chemicals in the water are akin to the prehistoric thermal baths Baden-Baden in Germany. Rather than adding chlorine, rapid flows of freshly extracted geothermal water in the baths will ensure that the water is always clean. The excess water will flow over its banks, into a stream, and run down to the ocean.

Basalt Architects have already designed the famous Hofsós swimming pool. The engineering is provided by Icelandic engineering firm Verkís.

Source: Basalt