New Mexico utility to issue call for 50 MW from solar, wind and geothermal plants

Lightning Dock geothermal plant, New Mexico (source: Cyrq Energy)
Alexander Richter 24 Sep 2017

The public utility of New Mexico is issuing a call for the additional 50 MW in solar, wind or geothermal power generation capacity having to increase its renewable energy capacity to reach 20% renewable targets of the state's portfolio standards.

The public utility of New Mexico state in the U.S. is planning calls for 50 MW more of solar energy, as well as higher output from current wind and geothermal resources, as reported by the Alberquerque Journal.

The company submitted the plan to the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission this summer to comply with the state Renewable Portfolio Standard, which requires public utilities to derive 20 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020, up from 15 percent now.

Before the weekend, the PRC wrapped up hearings on the proposal. It is though a bit unclear how far this could related to the only geothermal power plant in the state by Cyrq Energy.

The Dale Burgett Geothermal Power Plant has been the first utility scale geothermal plant in New Mexico and started operations in 2013 under a long-term PPA with the Public Service Company of New Mexico. Last week we reported on a planned expansion and a contract signed for the delivery of a new 14 MW unit for the project by Turboden for Cyrq Energy. With the baseload character of this geothermal expansion this could fit under the call by PNM

Source: Alberquerque Journal