New report by IEA describes investment need for renewables in Latin America

Screenshot from the cover of the 2010 World Energy Outlook Report from the IEA
Francisco Rojas 28 Nov 2014

The International Energy Agency has recently published a very comprehensive report covering the worldwide outlook for energy alongside with projections and trends.

In a recent report by the International Energy Agency covering the worldwide outlook for energy states that Latin America, despite the emergence of cheap fossil fuels should still focus on developing its geothermal prowess.

According to the report the current projections state that Latin America as a whole needs “to increase investment in renewable energy. The traditional energy production based on oil, coal and gas will remain the occupying higher production with the consequences of a significant increase in CO2 emissions and no one doubts the need to cope with its consequences. The global energy picture based on the production of the Middle East and subsidies to oil, gas and coal has to change. In fact it has already changed something and in recent years, which can be seen in Latin America.”

Apart from the report itself, the news piece also covers other interesting areas regarding energy and policies in Latin America.

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Source: Infolatam