New South Wales to assess geothermal potential with test drilling

Googong, New South Wales, Australia (source: flickr/ Marko Mikkonen, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 14 Oct 2013

The State of New South Wales in Australia is planning a core drilling program to assess the geothermal potential in the western part of the state.

The state of New South Wales is planning to conduct a drilling program to assess the state’s geothermal energy potential, as reported from Australia.

It is planned to drill core holes in the western region of the state about two-and-a-half kilometres into the earth near Cobar and Wilcannia during the next four months. There currently is little information available about the geology of western New South Wales, so a spokesperson for the State’s Deparmtent of Trade and Investment.

Two sites have been chosen for the collection of basic geological information to determine which if any have some heat sources deep in the rock formations. It will also be tested for the possibility for carbon dioxide storage.


The department will now hold community meetings in the local communities.

Source: ABC