New study estimates 10,000 MW potential on 22 geothermal sites in Ethiopia

Aluto Langano Geothermal Power Plant (source:
Alexander Richter 20 Jan 2016

A recent study by the Geological Survey of Ethiopia identified 22 areas with geothermal power generation possibility and an overall potential of 10,000 MW.

In a recent study conducted by the Geological Survey of Ethiopia (GSE), it is reported that Ethiopia has a geothermal power generation potential of up to 10,000 MW.

The statement was made by Public Relations and Communication Director at GES, Tamiru Mersha, who said that 22 sites with geothermal power generation potential were identified through the study.  Beyond determining the geothermal potential, the project also established how to expand the Alutu-Langano geothermal power plant by 70 MW by drilling four additional wells in collaboration and supported by the government of Japan.

Two wells for the project have already been drilled to a depth of  1,920 and 1,953 meters depth. According to Tamiru, the GSE would hand over the remaining two holes to the Ethiopian Electric Power this year.

He further said preparations are underway to begin work on another project that could generate 100 MW around Tendaho area, Afar regional state.

The GSE would work with Ethiopian Electric Power to identify potential areas and drill holes as various stakeholders have expressed interest to take part in the sector.

Source: Fana Broadcasting