New well added to geothermal heating plant in Simav, Turkey

Simav geothermal features, Turkey (source: Eren Gunuc)
Alexander Richter 24 Oct 2017

Last week, the geothermal heating project at Simav in Turkey successfully concluded the drilling for a third well supplying the local district heating system.

The municipality of Kutahya Simav in Turkey has successfully drilled a new well to providing geothermal energy district heating system.

EJA 2 geothermal well  completed drilling of a new well on 19 October 2017. Simav Mayor Süleyman Ozkan said “EZ 2A geothermal well is determined 600+100 meters depth. EJ 2A geothermal well will become a major contributor to Simav’s heating system when it comes into production. We will continue to invest in the geothermal energy system used to heat the city center and greenhouse areas.

We have focused on maintenance, repair and replacement works of the main pipes loaded with geothermal energy distribution, which will have positive results in winter. Good for the county of Simav.”

Simav is one of the hottest area of Turkey. Temperatures of wells are approximately 160 degrees Celsius, however any power plant located in area. Municipality is cooling the geothermal water before use in the heating system.

Source: JeotermalHaberler