NZ to help Papua New Guinea on geothermal policy

Rabaul Caldera, Papua New Guinea (source: Reykjavik Geothermal)
Francisco Rojas 22 Jul 2014

Dr Clement Waine, Acting Secretary of the Public Enterprise Department states that NZ will be assisting the Papua New Guinea Government with geothermal policy and that both parties have just completed the Terms of Reference.

In a recent local news piece, New Zealand has agreed to assist and provide help in geothermal policy matters to the government of Papua New Guinea government (PNG).

As stated in the Loop, “Dr Clement Waine, Acting Secretary of the Public Enterprise Department, says they have just completed a terms of reference which they will provide to their New Zealand counterparts.”

Dr Waine also mentioned that these policies are oriented to assist the PNG government with the development of new energy sources and that it would not only cover geothermal but also wind, gas and other fossil fuels, yet the geothermal potential is good and adding a new rewnwable energy soruce is always a benefit.

Details regarding the stage of said policies are not available at the moment, yeat for the full article, please follow the link bellow:

Source: Loop Website