Pertamina Geothermal expects to nearly double geothermal capacity by 2021

Kamojang geothermal complex, West Java, Indonesia (Pertamina Geothermal)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 26 Dec 2016

Pertamina Geothermal Energy expects to nearly double geothermal power generation capacity by 2021 from today 532 to 1,037 MW.

In Indonesia’s Investor Daily, Director for Upstream of Pertamina, Syamsu Alam was quoted that Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) expects to increase installed geothermal power generation capacity at around 14% annually over the next four years, from today 532 mW to 1,037 MW in 2021.

PGE will increase its efforts to explore and develop geothermal projects, with some of its projects to start commercial operation this and early next year.

According to Syamsu Alam, Pertamina targets to operate two new geothermal power plants, namely PLTP Ulubelu Unit 4 with capacity of 55 MW and PLTP Karaha Unit 1 with capacity of 30 MW. This will raise PGE’s geothermal energy installed capacity to 617 MW by the end of 2017.

Pertamina Geothermal Energy is further developing a new unit at Kamojang, Karhaa, Lahedong, Ulubelu and Lumut Balai, as well as two steam field development projects at Sungai Penub and Hululais. In additional the company is exploring at four geothermal working areas, Selulawah, Bukit Daun, Margabayur and Lawu.

In 2016, PGE started operations at two of its geothermal projects, 20 MW at Lahendong Unit 6 in December 2016 and in July 2016, 55 MW at Ulubelu Unit 3.

Currently, PGE has the following geothermal power plants under operation: PLTP Kamojang 235 MW, PLTP Lahendong 100 MW, PLTP Ulubelu 165 MW and PLTP Sibayak 12 MW.

Pertamina through PGE owns and manages 15 geothermal working areas in Indonesia.

Source: Rambu Energy