PLN preparing workforce for geothermal development in new cooperation

Darajat Unit I owned by Indonesia Power (a PLN subsidiary) with steam supplied by Chevron (source: wienblog-growingtree/ blogspot)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 26 Sep 2018

PLN in Indonesia founded a new gas & geothermal development focused subsidiary and is now starting to prepare its workforce for increased geothermal development activities with a partnership with a school in Yogyakarta.

PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) through a new subsidiary, PLN Gas and Geothermal will focus on producing geothermal energy for electricity generation. This is done in order to encourage the utilization of Renewable Energy (EBT).

Director of Human Capital Management of PT PLN (Persero) Muhamad Ali said that the company is currently preparing human resources to support the company to develop geothermal energy.

“It is estimated that by 2025 we will lack resources for management levels. For that, what we are doing is looking for the best, sending to the best schools at the S1 and S2 levels, while for the operator level we are allocated vocational education. ” UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta, at the UPNVY Rectorate Building, last week.

Furthermore, Ali said that by 2020 it needs around 16,000 employees. Because many employees of PT PLN (Persero) will enter full duty.

In addition, PT PLN (Persero) is currently focusing on electricity transmission in Indonesia. The plan is for electricity transmission in Kalimantan to be connected and completed in 2020, and in 2021 interconnection targets on Sulawesi Island.

“We are currently focusing on preparing human resources in the field of transmission, because if the plant runs all the workforce needs will be a lot,” he added.

Ali added that in the future PT PLN (Persero) was determined to process its own coal mine, because so far the fuel was still supplied by partner companies. For this reason, he also plans to prepare competent human resources in the mining sector.

“Through this collaboration we hope to be able to entrust our children (employees) to study at the UPN and participate in developing the company when returning later,” he said.

On the same occasion, UPNVY Chancellor Prof. Sari Bahagiarti expressed his appreciation for the trust of PT PLN (Persero) to send their employees to continue their S2 studies. Despite the new study program, the Chancellor is convinced that the lecture curriculum will be tailored to the needs of the industry.

“Teachers are experts in their fields. They are doctors and professors who are well-educated at home and abroad, “Sari said.

In addition to academic science, it will also teach State defense characters for students. This is a characteristic of UPNVY as a State Bela Campus.

Currently there are four employees of PT PLN (Persero) who continue their education at the Master of Petroleum Engineering Geothermal Exploitation Engineering at the Faculty of Mineral Technology through a learning assignment program. (wwj / public relations)

Source: UPN YK