Polaris Geothermal seeks to increase increase capacity at San Jacinto plant

San Jacinto power plant (source: Ram Power)
Alexander Richter 13 Apr 2016

Polaris Geothermal Energy is continuing its drilling campaign aimed at increasing power output of around 50 MW to 72 MW, according to the company.

Polaris Geothermal Energy company continues its efforts to increase operating capacity at its San Jacinto-Tizate geothermal plant in Nicaragua.

We reported on drilling efforts currently ongoing that seek to increase power output from today around 50 MW to 72 MW with drilling undertaken by Iceland Drilling Company.

This was confirmed by the CEO of Polaris, Alex Orono at a recent meeting before the board of the Chamber of Industries of Nicaragua (Cadin).

Polaris Geothermal is currently investing $43 million into the drilling of new production wells, which aim for the company to increase the power output of the plant. The company is also performing maintenance and cleaning four water injection wells, located in the same geothermal field, said Orono.

San Jacinto-Tizate is one of the largest reserves of geothermal energy with the highest quality in the world. It is located in northwestern Nicaragua, near the city of Leon, 100 kilometers north of Managua. The 40 square kilometers concession is owned and developed by Polaris Energy Nicaragua (PENSA). The overall potential for the field is estimated at 160 MW.

Source: La Voz del Sandinismo