Preview to the front page of the new ThinkGeoEnergy website

Snapshot of new ThinkGeoEnergy Website
Alexander Richter 5 Sep 2012

ThinkGeoEnergy is going to launch its new website in the coming weeks, so it is time for a quick preview of the new front page.

ThinkGeoEnergy is getting closer to the launch of its new website. We are now only a week or two away to have the first test side up and running.

The plan is to launch the full site, or at least the main elements, either before or while the GRC/ GEA events in Reno in Nevada later this month.

The new site will see some better overview on global geothermal news, additional information on geothermal energy in general, a Geothermal Supplier & Business Directory, the Global Geothermal Power Plant map, service offerings and a few more things.

This will strengthen the role of ThinkGeoEnergy as a provider of global geothermal energy news and more.

The site continues to attract a wide readership with visitors from 200 countries over the past year. … and up to today it has posted 3,150 news pieces over the past 3-4 years.

A snapshot of the new site see above.