PT Star Energy plans to expand its geothermal capacity in Indonesia by more than 300 MW by 2028

Wayang Windu Unit II, West Java, Indonesia (source: Aecom)
Alexander Richter 19 Aug 2019

With development of two geothermal projects in Malaku and Southern Sumatra, PT Star Energy plans to expand its current geothermal power generation capacity of 875 MW to 1,200 MW by 2028.

PT Star Energy continues to develop Geothermal Power Plants (PLTP). Just so you know, Star Energy is a subsidiary of Prajogo Pangestu’s Barito Pacific.

Hendra Soetjipto Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Star Energy Geothermal, Hendra Soetjipto Tan said that the company plans to increase the capacity of the power plant to 1,200 MW.

He said that they now have a capacity of 875 MW of electricity obtained from geothermal power plants from the Wayang Windu, Derajat and Salak geothermal working areas, West Java.

The capacity of 227 MW from PLTP Wayang Windu, then 377 MW in Salak, and amounting to 271 MW in Darajat. In addition, Star Energy also has the right to manage Hamiding geothermal energy in West Halmahera, South Maluku, and Sekincau geothermal in southern Sumatra.

In the plan to increase capacity, he continued, the company will build a geothermal power plant in Sekincau with a potential capacity of 500 MW, while in South Maluku as much as 200 MW to 300 MW.

“We hope that the 1,200 MW has been reached before 2028, three regions in West Java are already operating,” he said in Jakarta today.

However, the development in geothermal power plants in Maluku will be built in stages, the first phase they plan to build with a capacity of 2×50 MW. To reach the target capacity of 1,200 MW, they need funds of US $ 2 billion to US $ 2.5 billion.

For information, PT Star Energy acquired Darajat and Salak geothermal power plants with a capacity of 610 MW in 2017. The two new assets of Star Energy were bought from Chevron Corp with a transaction of US $ 2.3 billion.

After the acquisition, Star Energy became the manager of the largest geothermal power plant in Indonesia, and the third largest in the world. Star Energy aims to become the largest geothermal company in the world.

Source: Kontan