Recent ThinkGeoEnergy technical issues

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Alexander Richter 7 May 2015

ThinkGeoEnergy has gone through some technical issues as of late as you might have experienced.

In the process of getting the new website of ThinkGeoEnergy up on the air, you might have experienced a number of technical issues.

A few of our readers have made us aware of glitches beyond the ones we have been experiencing ourselves. The past few days we have been working hard to clean up some of the technical things that were creating troubles.

Among them is the weekly newsletter. This has now been fixed and the newsletter will now go out later today. It now should appear in its original format and provide only the news of the past 7 days.

We have so far not been able to import the odd 6,000 or so news pieces of the old site into the new site, but hope to finalise this in the coming weeks.

We hope you like the new format of the site. The plan is to add further elements to the site in the coming months, so stay tuned.

In the coming week or so we will also feature a number of things we have been working on while and after the World Geothermal Congress. To see pictures of the event and the field trips afterwards, check

If you have any comments or want to reports problems you experience on our new site or the newsletter, please email me at

Best Regards,

Alexander Richter