Sanko Holding wins tender for Salihli geothermal license in Turkey

Salihili geothermal plant, Turkey (source: JeotermalHaberler)
Alexander Richter 17 Oct 2017

Sanko Holding has won the tender for a geothermal license in Salihli, Turkey in proximity to an existing license and project by the company. With the license the company hopes to increase the capacity of its planned geothermal power plant.

As reported by our Turkish-language service, JeotermalHaberler, the tender for the Salihli geothermal license, has been won by Sanko Holding. There is though no further information about the tender.

The tender was for a geothermal operation license tender made in Turkey in Salihli region. So far 28 wells have been drilled in the tendered license area. Only 10 of them are actively used (8 production 2 re-injection). The depths of the wells vary from 70 m to 1,200 m, the wells vary from 12 to 40 lt / sec and the temperatures range from 60° C to 90° C. (First openings have wells of 120 ° C). Winner of the Tender is Sanko Holding from Turkey.

The geothermal operation license by the municipality of Salihli has been registered for 30 years.  Sanko Holding already has operations to the west of the license area, with a geothermal power plant of 15 MWe power generation capacity under construction, expected to start operations this year. Sanko Energy has been planning to increase the capacity to  50 MWe, and with this tender it seems that the targets will be further increased.

Source: JeotermalHaberler