Small island off the coast of Taiwan explores solar and geothermal options

Orchid Island, Taiwan (source: flickr/ David Hsu, creative commons)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 17 Jan 2018

Orchid Island off the coast of Taiwan is exploring its renewable energy options, with concrete interest for solar and geothermal projects by private investors.

The remote island called Orchid off the coast of Taiwan is aiming to turn itself into a “green energy island”, exploring renewable energy otpions.

The island, located 76 kilometer from the southeast of Taiwan’s main island, is best known for its Yami indigenous population and their culture, but was also chosen by the Taiwanese authorities in the past to store radioactive waste from the country’s three operating nuclear power stations.

The local mayor told reporters that there was already a green energy firm willing to invest in the island to develop solar and wind energy. Orchid Island should reduce its reliance on fire-powered plants and convert itself to a completely green energy island, he said.

Following the announcement of such plans last year, there had been several meetings with experts and businesses, which led to an agreement on the exploitation of solar and geothermal energy, with the setting up of the solar panels expected after the Lunar New Year, the Liberty Times reported.

The local government hopes to receive 10 percent of annual profits, with eventually the residents of the island being able to buy shares in the project, according to the mayor.

Source: Taiwan News