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Geothermal clearly doesn´t receive the attention it deserves in the clean energy and climate change debate and ThinkGeoEnergy wants to change that and play an active role in the promotion of this baseload energy technology with its wide scope of possible applications. The application of social media elements to ThinkGeoEnergy shall help to facilitate a better promotion of the opportunities that lie in the utilization of geothermal energy, not only for electricity generation, but also for direct use, primarily here for large-scale direct-use applications, e.g. in district heating systems.

ThinkGeoEnergy maintains a number of social media elements:

LinkedIn: ThinkGeoEnergy maintains a business network with various features and more via this business network website.

Facebook: ThinkGeoEnergy has its own Fan Site on this popular social networking website. Become a Fan of ThinkGeoEnergy on sign-up via Facebook.

Twitter: As this site is one of the social media tools for news and more ThinkGeoEnergy also maintains a presence with the site’s news and more.

Flickr: ThinkGeoEnergy posts pictures from events, plants and more, to provide your own pics to the community post them via the ThinkGeoEnergy Group.

YouTube: ThinkGeoEnergy tries to collect and tape videos at events, plants etc. Hook up there and connect if you see some good videos interesting to the community.

Slideshare: This site provides presentations and documents. Without own presentations as of now, use the link to see ThinkGeoEnergy’s favorites on the site.

ISSUU: This website is more a document repository for good design, magazines and more. ThinkGeoEnergy is here as well and will use this site to post documents of interest.

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