Star Energy pushing work on Hamiding geothermal project, Indonesia

Pulau Tidore Volcano, Maluku Islands, Indonesia (source: flickr/ Fabio Achilli, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 29 Dec 2017

Star Energy is planning to expand its geothermal capacity through expansion of current and development of new assets, among them Hamiding on the Maluku Islands with plans of early drilling in place.

In a recent interview, Hendra Soetjipto Tan, Star Energy Geothermal Salak-Darajat (SEGS/SEGD) president director, talked with The Oil & Gas Year, about the company’s ongoing developments and geothermal aspirations. Star Energy, operates in Indonesia’s energy sector as one of the largest geothermal companies in the world producing 875 MW of electricity.

Established in 2004, Star Energy Geothermal’s first acquisition was the 110-MW Wayang Windu Geothermal Power Plant. The global fall in oil prices has highlighted the need for countries dependent on hydrocarbons to diversify. Geothermal resources present an interesting, renewable opportunity for Indonesia.

Tan also discussed the challenges associated with growing Indonesia’s energy output. For the full interview see link below.

The company aims to grow its geothermal power generation capacity to 1,200 MW, which requires to expand current operations and the development of two new concessions. Star Energy is therefore pushing the development of two new areas in Hamiding in the Maluku Islands and South Sekincau in Sumatra. Both areas have very big resources and are among the best geothermal resources available in Indonesia.

Star Energy is currently looking for a direct appointment and commitment under PSPE [Assignment of Preliminary Survey and Exploration] to explore and drill a specific number of wells within a certain period of time. The company’s commitment is a single 2,000-metre well. Ultimately, we expect to spend USD 8 million-10 million on the project, with USD 5 million-6 million earmarked for drilling.

Source: The Oil & Gas Year