Study finds potential for geothermal energy utilisation beneath Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey (source: flickr/ John Virgolin, creative commons)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 14 Aug 2017

Geothermal resources have been discovered beneath Istanbul, which are now aimed to be utilised for heating and geothermal spas in the region.

Studies on determining the risk of earthquakes in Istanbul have revealed that the city has a potential for the utilisation of geothermal energy, as reported locally.

Yediyol Group of Companies, which has geothermal investments in Aydin’s Kusadasi district, has 13 geothermal exploration licenses throughout the province and now plans to commercially utilise geothermal resources in Istanbul.

In a statement Yediyol Company Group Chairman Muhammet ?uheyp Mandi, said that “geothermal will help to save on gas bills for heating, and even more important geothermal is greener than other sources of heating because there is less of emission.”

The company has now started building on residential projects with thermal pools heated by geothermal energy in Istanbul.

Mendi pointed out that Istanbul’s most important urban transformation project is over the geothermal richness of Fikirtepe and said that they are preparing a central heating project based on geothermal in this part of the area. The project, which envisages the construction of thermal pools in the region, will also be applied to residential projects in Kag?thane Cendere Valley and Atasehir.

Yediyol Group of Companies also started to build the first project of 60 apartments in Kadiköy Acibadem with the slogan “heating and thermal facility free, no dues” using geothermal resource.

Mendi also explained that they planned to build thermal cure centers in geothermal usage areas. “Millions of people every year think that they will come to the feet of the Istanbulites while they spend their money on thermal centers to find healing”.

Source: Dunya