Swiss geothermal event to be held 22-23 November 2016

Yverdon-les-Bain, Switzerland (source: flickr/ Josian, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 18 Nov 2016

A geothermal event in the French part of Switzerland will look into the potential role of geothermal and at specific projects in the the country.

This year, two main geothermal events for Switzerland (Journée romande and Journée professionelle) will present the range of solutions offered by geothermal energy in the context of the country’s energy transition. The congress will take place on 22 and 23 November 2016, at the HEIG-VD in Yverdon-les-Bains, with the organization of an evening lunch and possibility to sleep on site. Simultaneous translation into French / German and vice versa will be provided.

The first day will begin with the traditional overview of Swiss projects and then the focus will be on the multiple functionalities of geothermal (hot, cold, storage) in Switzerland and abroad. On the second day, the Professional Day will deal with the issue of energy storage and subsoil regeneration. Indeed, geothermal energy, ribbon energy, also has an immense potential of integration of intermittent energies (solar, waste heat) allowing to store them temporarily or seasonally. Numerous examples and feedback from the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and France will illustrate the current technical possibilities for storage and regeneration. At the end of each day, a discussion will allow the audience to discuss the possibilities and contributions of these geothermal systems in Switzerland.

This congress will be an opportunity to keep you informed on the progress of Swiss and European geothermal technology and projects, but also to maintain and perfect your professional network.

Source: Geothermie-Schweiz