Targeting CO2 as working “fluid” in geothermal power generation

TerraCOH CPG (TM) technology overview (source: TerraCOH, Inc.)
Alexander Richter 2 Apr 2019

U.S.-based TerraCOH Advanced Geothermal Energies continues its quest on revolutionise how we generate power from geothermal resources targeting CO2 as "working fluid".

U.S.-based TerraCOH Advanced Geothermal Energies are a company that is targeting geothermal energy development from a different angle, and we reported on them before. If and how this will revolutionise geothermal power generation will have to be seen.

According to its website, the company aims at “uniting the entire energy industry for an emission-free future”, with a patented new form of geothermal power facility with numerous unique attributes. Similar to conventional geothermal, the company’s approach is emission-free and can provide baseload power.

TerraCOH’s technologies are distinct in that they introduce a new subsurface working fluid, CO2, which allows TerraCOH’s technology to be economical at lower resource temperatures while adding the flexibility of operating on demand and/or providing grid- scale energy storage. TerraCOH’s geothermal power generation and energy storage systems have the potential to be deployed over approx. 50% of the North American landmass, anywhere that deep sedimentary geologic units can support CO2 storage.

TerraCOH’s broad patent suite allows energy storage with their Earth BatteryTM technology. This can then be used in conjunction with wind and solar to provide consistent and/or dispatchable energy. When the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine, TerraCOH can store the peak loads and release the energy as needed. Additionally, as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) gains momentum, TerraCOH can take captured CO2 and make it a valuable resource via Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS).

TerraCOH’s technology can also de-carbonize existing fossil fuel plants and other industrial plants, like Ethanol plants. The value to these sites includes;

  • monetizing their captured CO2 through 45Q Tax Credits,
  • additional revenue streams with the sale of electricity or storage of energy,
  • faster returns for their investors, and
  • customers and consumers are increasingly valuing customer’s products based on their emissions profile, be it Ethanol plants with their CI (Carbon Intensity) or electrical producers with the percentage of electricity produced with zero emissions.

TerraCOH has been increasing their industry and public awareness by participating in several events, including;

  • Semi-finalist at the NRG COSIA XPRIZE,
  • Finalist NREL/Shell Gamechanger and
  • Honorable mention at the Midwest Cleantech open.

Their current work focuses on development of a pilot facility. “Being at the ground level of this process has been very exciting and fulfilling”, stated John Griffin, TerraCOH CEO. He also stated “TerraCOH’s technology will make a significant difference for both the energy markets worldwide. Many will find themselves scrambling to catch the train but may have found if you didn’t get on at the first stop, it may be going too fast to hop on later.” TerraCOH, technology offers an exciting opportunity and will help establish a renaissance for geothermal.

For more information see the company’s website.

Source: company release by email