Te Mihi Power Station built into Minecraft game

Caption from the Minecraft trailer from the Youtube video.
Francisco Rojas Francisco Rojas 26 Aug 2014

Take a journey to Taupo for an exclusive inside look into Te Mihi thanks to the popular game of Minecraft!

Welcome to Contact Te Mihi in Minecraft, an interactive Minecraft map custom built by us for you to explore. Take a journey to Taupo for an exclusive inside look into Te Mihi, a remarkable geothermal power station. Explore dark production wells deep within the earth, or mighty turbines that turn geothermal steam into electricity. Learn about this incredible renewable energy source and how it is harnessed to power our cities. The world of Te Mihi in Minecraft offers endless exploration, hidden treasures and unique discoveries within this New Zealand landmark.

How to play Te Mihi Minecraft – Desktop

Desktop SetupTo play and explore Contact’s Te Mihi Minecraft map on your computer follow the instructions below:1. Download Minecraft from and create an account.
2. Start the game and click on Multiplayer.
3. Click Direct Connect.
4. Type in the server address and click Join Server.

Source: Contact Energy Website