Tender sale of up to 3.4 MWe Kalina geothermal power plant technology of Unterhaching

Geothermal plant technology of Unterhaching (source: Unterhaching)
Alexander Richter 5 Oct 2018

The equipment of the now shut down geothermal power plant of Unterhaching is now being set up for sale in a tender. Sold as a waste heat power plant, it is a Kalina technology based plant utilising ammonia water as working fluid.

In July 2018, we reported on the sale of the equipment of the geothermal power plant technology of the Unterhaching geothermal power plant in Germany.

Now the equipment has been listed on an auction site in the Netherlands.

The technology of the plant is based on Kalina technology, which provides the opportunity to generate electricity from low temperature resources, such as waste heat and geothermal energy.

The Tender Sale of the Kalina power plant consists of the following components:  NH3 turbine, a gearbox, a generator and accessories.

Previously the Kalina plant at the Unterhaching site was operated with thermal water as a heat transfer medium.

The working medium of the Kalina plant is ammonia water. This mixture enables an optimum electricity yield when using so-called low-temperature heat sources such as thermal water in this case.

Closing Date 23 October 2018

  • Based on the following design data, the gross electrical output is 700 to max. 3,360 kW.
  • Thermal water at the inlet flange of the evaporator. Specific heat capacity 4.16 kJ/kg K.
  • Density at 20 °C 999.8 kg/m³
  • Flow rate 125 l/s
  • Temperature 122 °C Max. particle size < 1 mm particle size < 1 mm
  • Cooling water specific heat capacity
  • Specific heat capacity 4.18 kJ/kg K
  • Density at 20 °C 999.7 kg/m³
  • Flow rate 630I/s Temperature 11 °C
  • Climatic data
  • Relative humidity 60 %. Work equipment
  • The ammonia-water mixture at the above design point is as follows 89 mass percent ammonia and 11 mass percent deionised water.

The main components of the Kalina plant are

  • One turbine (Cryo Star), one planetary gear (BHS) and one generator (AVK) installed together on one machine bed / sled.
  • A soundproof cabin
  • A lubricating oil system (Franke Filter) for the turbine, the gearbox and the generator.
  • A corresponding electrical control (Cryo Star) – A comprehensive spare parts package as the basis for overhauling the turbine including turbine runner and Burgmann seal (Cryo Star)
  • Plate heat exchanger (API Schmidt-Bretten) – 5 capacitors – 3 Preheater – 3 Evaporator (incomplete ! – only the racks – the plates are missing)
  • 2 Secondary heat exchanger
  • A condensate container / chemical tank (Reuther)
  • A low-pressure separator / cyclone (hood + shell hammer)
  • A high pressure separator (Burgess Manning)
  • Two ammonia feed pumps (Apollo), one as replacement, as good as new, packed
  • Two ammonia injection pumps (Apollo), one as replacement, as good as new, packaged
  • A compressed air system (Kaeser)
  • A nitrogen generator (Hunter) – defective 
  • A transformer (Siemens) – One 6 kV switchgear (Siemens) –
  • A low-voltage system including electrical control with automation system PCS 7 (Siemens) in various switch cabinets –
  • Various servers, screens, accessories
  • 5 Frequency inverter (Siemens)
  • Two cooling water pumps (Apollo) – one pump is defective 
  • A cooling tower (GEA) mainly made of wood, aluminium clad, with three fans, a water irrigation system – in need of overhaul -, a screen basket system at the water outlet with crane. The cooling tower is equipped with a soundproofing system made of aluminium and soundproofing wool (32 dB(A)).
  • A cooling water conditioning plant (Weidener Wassertechnik)
  • An ammonia dosing system in containers (HVAC) for ammonia feed-in
  • A demineralized water tank
  • Various pumps (Apollo)
  • Various shut-off valves (e.g. Ebro, Hesch, etc.), some with electric and pneumatic actuators
  • Various safety valves (readers, etc.)
  • Various field devices – e.g. pressure measurements, temperature measurements, flow measurements, level measurements (Siemens etc.)
  • Various pipelines, mostly made of carbon steel, partly of stainless steel
  • Various spare parts, e.g. two fan gearboxes (SEW), fan blades (Houwden), one drainage pump – as good as new, packed – –

Comprehensive documentation

Catalogue (pdf)

Source: Troostwijk Auctions