The case for engineered geothermal systems (EGS)

Installation at Soultz geothermal plant, France (source:
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 11 May 2015

EGS, Supercritical Steam and other technologies are the future of geothermal.

Engineered geothermal systems (EGS) have been been debated for quite some as the next big jump for the geothermal industry. The main argument lies on the fact that with proper EGS technology, geothermal energy could be implemented in more placeas worldwide. end-of-life or depleted oil fields could be a viable option.

In a recent post in Planete Energies they cover a few examples of EGS projects like the Soultz-sous-Forêts in France. They also mention that “geothermal energy could also mean a new lease of life for depleted oil fields. It could use the water associated with oil reservoirs in sedimentary basins, which can be very hot. Research is also being carried out into longer-term development plans, with a timescale up to 2030. One example involves very high temperature reservoirs (over 400°C), where the water is “supercritical”, neither liquid nor steam. Boreholes could be drilled into these reservoirs to deliver ten times as much power as conventional wells. The potential development of submarine geothermal resources is another area currently being investigated.”

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Source: Planete Energies