The Climate needs an (EGS) HERO – the Hotrock Energy Research Organization

Well at the Newberry project site in Oregon (source: AltaRock Energy)
Alexander Richter 2 May 2017

Hotrock Energy Research Organization supporting research on Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) is starting a fund raising campaign to help int continue its EGS research efforts.

In a release today, the Hotrock Energy Research Organization (HERO) has announced the start of its campaign to raise funds for continuing research into Enhanced Geothermal Systems.  HERO needs your help to further the transition from coal fired power to geothermal. Existing coal plants that are ageing and facing retirement can be transitioned to clean renewable energy using EGS technology.  Operating geothermal plants can be expanded by using EGS technology.

Transitioning to flexible, cost-competitive, carbon-free power generation is a critical step to curb climate change and reduce pollution of our planet.  

EGS is green. It produces consistent, renewable, carbon-free, and environmentally friendly electricity and heat with minimal-to-zero air emissions. EGS creates and retains jobs. Development of new EGS plants will create jobs, both during construction and long-term operation. The transition of existing coal power plants to geothermal plants takes advantage of the existing infrastructure, saving jobs and communities. 

Hotrock Energy Research Organization (HERO) is a non-profit organization supporting EGS. We engage in collaborative and transformative research into the science and technologies related to EGS. We educate the public on the importance of such research in addressing societal issues of energy supply and climate change.

Everyone can be a HERO. Help us get the word out. Share this important work we are doing with your friends! Donate Now!

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