ThinkGeoEnergy 2013 Event Survey – initial results

Japan Iceland Geothermal Energy Forum 2010, Tokyo/ Japan (source: Kristjan B. Olafsson)
Alexander Richter 7 Dec 2012

The ThinkGeoEnergy 2013 Geothermal Event Survey provides an insight into geothermal events, the number of events and key elements participants are looking for in events. These are the first result from the survey.

There are an increasing number of geothermal energy events world-wide. They are conferences, workshops, events with an exhibition or trade show element, small and large, technology-focused, business-focused, events with a variety of geothermal energy related topics, or mostly academic/ R&D focused.

While in the past geothermal events have been organized by geothermal industry associations or related organizations, there are now a number of events organized by professional conference organizers.

While some events are focused geographically on certain regions or countries, others are with a global focus. There is a notion in the industry that are now too many events and companies find it challenging to choose the right events.

To help companies to choose the right event and to help conference organizers to establish what attendees are looking for in a successful event, ThinkGeoEnergy created the Geothermal Event Survey 2013 .

In a two week period about 100 participants answered the survey, providing an insight on events attended, events planned to be attended and their opinions and thoughts regarding successful events for their companies.

The survey was created as a service to industry players and companies, as well as organizers of geothermal energy events.

Over the next two weeks, ThinkGeoEnergy will publish the results of the survey with some take aways from the perspective of industry and my own personal experience with organizing conferences for the industry.

For now find below an overview over the number of events for 2012 and 2013 on a monthly basis. There were a number of events that weren´t announced yet or information about them wasn’t available at the time we were running the survey.

The interesting part is that while in 2012 (and actually 2011 for that matter), the fall has always been quite a busy month with events, it seems like there is a new focus on the spring, while the fall remains a busy month packed with geothermal events.