TNG sets eyes on Turkish market for its geothermal wellhead repair services

The team of TNG and Gemini at the GEA GeoExpo+, Oct. 2017 (source: TNG)
Alexander Richter 12 Dec 2017

U.S.-based TNG Enterprises has signed an agreement with Gemini Enterprises on bringing TNG’s geothermal wellhead equipment repair tool (GWERT) otherwise known as their rigless valve replacement solution into Turkey.

In an announcement today, U.S.-based TNG Enterprises Inc. (“TNG”) reports having signed an agreement with Gemini Enterprises Inc. (“GEI”) a deeply connected international purchasing agent for geothermal, O&G, petrochemical, mining and construction companies worldwide, with roots in Turkey.

The agreement introduces TNG’s geothermal wellhead equipment repair tool (GWERT) otherwise known as their rigless valve replacement solution into Turkey.  The intent is to service Turkey’s rapidly growing geothermal capacity of over 1,000 MW supported by powerful geothermal wells throughout the country, some of which need some type of wellhead maintenance or intervention.

TNG’s unique service offering, years of geothermal experience and a growing worldwide presence in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand and the United States – partnered with GEI’s geothermal portfolio and in-country presence makes this a wise business partnership and strategic initiative for both entities.

“TNG has long kept its eye on Turkey, and are beyond excited for the opportunity to work with Gemini to serve as their geothermal well-maintenance service team. This also further solidifies the TNG brand as the leader in valve and wellhead industrial services. GEI’s portfolio and in-country expertise will support the introduction of TNG’s proven rigless valve replacement solution and bring recognized value to GEI’s existing customer base,” said Patrick Hanson, General Manager at TNG Enterprises Inc.

“This partnership will allow geothermal operators in Turkey to maximize their well performance, capacity and lifespan with a safe and cost-effective alternative to re-drilling or abandoning corroded or leaking valves and wellheads.”

Here an interview with Patrick Hanson on the wellhead valves and services by the TNG.

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