Transmark Chile awarded geothermal exploitation license on the Tolhuaca field, Chile

Tolhuaca volcano, Chile (source: Transmark Renewables)
Alexander Richter 23 Apr 2019

Transmark Renewables subsidiary in Chile has been awarded a geothermal exploitation license for the Peumayén concession at the Tolhuaca geothermal field in Chile with a 50 MW development plan.

The Chilean Energy Ministry grants Transmark Chile SpA a geothermal exploitation license for the Peumayén concession located in southern Chile in the Quilaco district of the Biobío Region and the Curacautín district of the La Araucania Region, Southern Chile.

In February 2018, Transmark Chile formally published it’s 2-year exploration licence for the Peumayén concession. After careful evaluation of data available from earlier exploratory activities on the flanks of Tolhuaca volcano and additional studies and fieldwork by Transmark Chile, the company was able to conceive a development plan for the discovered geothermal resources and successfully applied for the geothermal exploitation license with indefinite duration, which allows Transmark Chile to develop this renewable baseload energy resource.

The Project consists of the initial development of a 50 MWe power plant on the north-western flank of the Tolhuaca volcano, with a potential that could reach up to 200 MWe. Developing Peumayén contributes to the transition of Chile’s energy matrix to a more sustainable and diversified mix, contributing a net annual generation equivalent to the consumption of more than 200,000 households from a domestic, reliable and renewable resource.

Source: Transmark Renewables