Turkey passes Kenya and Iceland in global geothermal rankings

ThinkGeoEnergy Presentation at IGC Turkey 2016
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 10 Jun 2016

Turkey moves up the ranking of the geothermal countries in the world, surpassing Kenya and Iceland with an installed power generation capacity from geothermal of 695 MW.

As learned at the recent concluded IGC Turkey event that ThinkGeoEnergy co-organized, Turkey has made a huge leap forward in development. Now ranked no. 7 world wide, Turkey has passed geothermal power house Iceland and Kenya in current rankings.

Turkey added an additional 47 MW in the past few months, having now an installed geothermal power generation capacity of 695 MW.


With an additional 106 MW in construction and 425 MW in advanced stages of development, there is more to come.

But Turkey is now set to become one of the key geothermal power houses in the world.