Turkey to be partner country for Geo-T Expo 2013 in Essen Germany

GEO-T Expo, Messen Essen (source: organizers)
Alexander Richter 3 Apr 2013

Turkey will be partner country for the GEO-T Expo that will take place November 12-14, 2013 in Essen, Germany, as announced by a high-ranking official of the Turkish Energy Ministry.

A high-ranking official of the Turkish Energy Ministry announced the country’s partnership for GEO-T Expo. Turkish companies and institutions will participate in the international industrial fair at Messe Essen (Germany) in November 12-14, 2013.

After only two months of negotiations, the Turkish Energy Ministry and Messe Essen agreed on Turkey being partner country in the first GEO-T Expo. “We are a leading nation in the field of geothermal energy”, said Yusuf Yazar, Director General of the Department of Renewable Energies. „At GEO-T Expo we will present our enormous business opportunities to the international market.” With its vast geothermal energy sources, located mostly in the West, Turkey is number 3 in Europe and number 7 worldwide.  The technical potential amounts to 31500 MW for heat generation and 2000 MW for electricity, which is equivalent to 20 million tons of oil per year and estimated 11 billion US$ worth. At present, 20 national and international companies hold licenses for geothermal electricity power plants with an overall capacity of 465.6 MW/e. The GEO-T Expo  could  boost the geothermal business in Turkey, e.g. in the promising  field s of thermal spas or greenhouse heating.

Source: BlueChip