Turkey’s Zorlu Energy seeks renewable energy investment opportunities in Asia

Alasehir geothermal plant, Turkey by Zorlu Enerji (source: alternatifenerji)
Alexander Richter 17 Feb 2018

Zorlu Energy from Turkey is seeking investment opportunities in renewable energy in Asia and has set up an investment company for that purpose in Dubai.

Turkey’s Zorlu Energy, one of the largest geothermal developer sin Turkey, has announced plans to set up a company in Dubai as a vehicle for investments in Asia. Zorlu said the investments would be mainly focused on renewable energy.

The company is called “Zorlu Enerji Asia Limited”. It is not clear if this includes investments into geothermal projects in the region, but with the experience of Zorlu in Turkish geothermal development it is likely that it is at least open to looking at geothermal investment opportunities.

Source: Anadolu Agency