Turkish group to utilise experience on geothermal tourism in Tunisia, Africa

Spa resort of Dogan Jeotermal in Turkey (source: Dogan Jeotermal)
Alexander Richter 21 Jan 2019

Planning a 1,000 apartment resort in El Hamma, Tunisia in Northern Africa, Turkish grouop Dogan Jeotermal is building upon its 30+ years of experience in geothermal tourism.

Turkish company Dogan Geothermal Group has announced plans of building a 1,000 apartment resort in the southern city of El Hamma in Tunisia, as reported by Anadolu Agency today.

Utilising its 30+ years of experience of managing hotel and timeshare resort investments in geothermal tourism, the company is now replicating that experience in Africa.

The planned resort will include a physical therapy and rehabilitation center, as well as a shopping mall.

More might follow.

Dogan Geothermal Group has been a supporter of the IGC Turkey geothermal congress. The 2019 event will take place 6-8 November 2019 in Izmir/ Turkey. More details here:

Source: Anadolu Agency