Turkish Zorlu Energy is investing in early R&D on lithium extraction from geothermal

Kizildere geothermal power plant by Zorlu Enerji, Turkey (source: Zorlu Enerji)
Alexander Richter 14 May 2018

Turkish Zorlu Enerji is investing into preliminary research on extracting lithium from geothermal brine at its geothermal power operations in Turkey.

As part of a larger effort eyeing a 25 GW battery manufacturing plant with Chinese partners, announced in March of this year, Turkish Zorlu Enerji has now informed that it is doing preliminary research and development on extracting lithium from geothermal fluids.

This was reported by Ömer Harun Örge, Executive Vice President of Operations and Maintenance of Zorlu Energy Group at the recently held International Energy & Environment Fair & Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Zorlu Enerji is a large player in Turkey’s energy market and one of the largest geothermal operators and developers in Turkey.

The company operates four geothermal plants with a combined power generation capacity of around 290 MW or about one-fourth of Turkey’s installed geothermal power generation capacity.

We are chasing further details and will report.

Source: DecentralizedEditor